Today I upgraded one of my Fedora 20 virtual machines to Fedora 21. In the past I have simply spun up a replacement VM with the new minimal installation and brought over any relevant artifacts. Recently I found myself reading up on the fedup upgrade tool. With the release of Fedora 21 this was an excellent chance to try it out.

During the Fedora Upgrade process we are going to need a few pieces of information. First will be the version of Fedora we are upgrading to, in this case 21. Starting with Fedora 21 there are multiple flavors to evaluate. These include Workstation, Server, and Cloud. For my purposes I will be using the Workstation flavor.

To begin I started my VM and logged in. Next I fired up a terminal and changed my user to root. After that I ran the fedup command, followed by a reboot.

## Become root
$ sudo su -

## Run the update command, this indicates we want to update via network and to use the workstation flavor.
# fedup --network 21 --product workstation

## Reboot to finish the upgrade
# reboot

During my upgrade approximately 1,900 packages were pulled down and upgraded. Everything was put in place and I was prompted to reboot to finish the process. After the reboot a new entry appeared at the top of my grub list. Choosing this entry continued the upgrade process.